Ted Brown preparing for live trout deliveries.
Ted Brown preparing for live trout deliveries

Live Trout and Eggs

TT trout splash

Northern Stillwater Rainbows

— Taking ownership of our breed/strain —

How we produced our breed

We started raising trout on our farm just outside Little Fort almost four decades ago. Back then, 98% of the trout on site matured at three years or less. We also had female trout that would not mature until four years. We began selecting these female fish for brood stock and to only breed them with 3-year males. By selecting traits like body shape, growth rate, aggressive behaviour, and late-maturation, we have come to produce a trout that is unsurpassed for the sport fishing world.

Through breeding, environmental enhancement, and a feeding regimen, we have produced a fast-growing, aggressive, late-maturing strain of rainbow trout we call the Northern Stillwater Rainbow.

Why late maturing rainbow trout are an advantage

Late maturing trout are important because trout naturally slow their growth rate upon maturation, putting much of their energy into reproduction. If maturation is delayed for one or more years, the end result is a much larger and robust fish.

Over time our breed of trout has gone from 98% of 3-year spawning females to approximately 50% 4-year spawners and 40% 5-year spawners. The remainder spawn even later. We only use 4 and 5-year spawning males in the fertilization process. Over the years, the increased growth rate has resulted in a 1-year reduction in the time it takes to grow a market-sized fillet.

Maureen Brown picking eggs in hatchery
Maureen, egg-sorting in the hatchery

Live Trout and Egg Sales

Annually, each spring and fall, we sell and deliver Diploid and Triploid live trout to private ponds and lakes around British Columbia. For the most part, permits are required and available online at Front Counter BC. Your live trout-stocking needs can be determined with help from Ted or Maureen over the phone. Sizes are generally hatchery yearlings to over 5 lbs each. Delivery costs are extra, and determined individually on the location of your pond. Call Ted or Maureen at 250-677-4308.

Newly-hatched trout eggs

Trout Egg Prices

Eyed Rainbow Trout EggsDiploid/Natural Trout and Triploid
For pricing of eyed eggs, contact us or call us at 250-677-4308.

Northern Stillwater Rainbow Trout fry
Northern Stillwater Rainbow Trout fry

Live Trout Prices

Prices vary depending on size and volume. For pricing and available sizes visit the order page.