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Feeding Your Trout

TT trout splash

Use caution and prudence in feeding your trout. Begin with a small amount of pellets (2-3 tbsp.) as a presentation, and to gather the trout into schooling. Once trout are actively feeding, you may present a larger scoop or handful, without hurrying this process. Wait for each amount of food to be consumed before tossing more into the water.

Trout will generally not take food off the bottom of the pond, therefore you need to make certain ALL the pellets are consumed before they descend to the bottom. Allowing uneaten pellets to collect on the pond floor is wasting feed and as well,  contributes to murky water conditions.

When feeding, take the judicious approach by following the rule: LESS IS MORE.

Water quality parameters include water temperature, oxygen levels, and toxicity. An optimum water temperature for growing trout is 15°C at 100% oxygen saturation. Anything above this and trout will start to stress. Once you establish the water source, your pond site selection will hopefully have a clay component to reduce water leakage. If there is an inadequate water flow, you can line your pond to keep up the water level.