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From our lake to your table — we present to you these delicious trout fillet products, rich in protein and Omega 3’s. The delicate yet full flavoured trout can be enjoyed on its own or used in various recipes for dips, sauces, fillings, soups or on salads.

Ted’s flash-frozen Trout Fillets are approximately 6-8 oz per fillet — an average serving size. Each one is conveniently, individually vacuum-sealed. They are available in 10 lb bags (19–28 fillets).

Larger, barbeque-sized trout fillets (up to 2 lbs — approx. 4 servings) are also available individually, upon request. Please phone to order.

Ted’s Smoked Trout Foil Pouch
8 oz / 227 g
Temporarily Unavailable
Ted’s Smoked Frozen Trout Fillets
$20.00/lb (Pin Bone Out)
6–8 oz fillets
available in 5 lb and 10 lb bags
Ted’s Flash-frozen Trout Fillets
$11.00/lb (Pin Bone Out)
6–8 oz fillets
available in 10 lb bags
Ted’s Whole Trout$6.00/lb
Available in sizes ranging from 1/2 lb (average single serving) up to 2 lbs each (barbeque size, approx. 4 servings). Individually vacuum-sealed with head and tail on. Please contact us or call 250-677-4308 to check for availability.