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A Short History of the Trout Farm

The trout farm was started in the early 1970’s by Walter and Joan Winter who were true pioneers with a taste for adventure and an enthusiasm for pursuing an idea.

Walter and Joan started the farm on a small scale without the advantage of electricity. They raised rainbow trout fry in porcelain bathtubs in their basement and transported their first restaurant orders of fresh whole trout, in an inflatable kiddie’s swimming pool filled with ice in the trunk of their car. Walter and Joan visualized a trout farm using its own natural water sources as a means to growing top quality food fish, and as a unique and interesting way of life for themselves and their four young children.

We (Ted and Maureen Brown) arrived at the trout farm in the spring of l985 and since then, the farm has grown and evolved to use new and improved farming practices to ensure the fish are raised in an efficient, healthy and sustainable way. Our ongoing goal is to keep the farm small and family-run. We will be forever grateful to Joan and Walter’s vision, their efforts and their energy which survives to this day.

Maureen Brown sorts through eyed eggs in the Ted's Trout hatcheryMaureen Brown sorts through eyed eggs in the hatchery