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Here are some of the questions we get asked the most about our farm and products.

Kamloops Rainbow Trout, specifically suited for still water in lakes and ponds.
Trout grow at different rates, depending on the variables of water quality and temperature, etc. on a particular site. On our farm, with our very cold water, we can produce an average 1/2 lb. trout in about 2 years.
On average, 7 - 8 years, in ideal conditions.
Normally, trout spawn at about 3 years; however, on our farm, during our spring spawning season (late March to mid-May), we select our brood stock for late maturing at 4 years old and older. Four-year spawners or older, are generally larger, stronger and more robust — producing in turn, a hardier, later maturing trout.
Our trout are fed a Certified Organic Trout Diet comprised largely of fish meal from sustainable sources and vegetable products.
Trout do not produce their own pigment, therefore, the colour must come from their food: shrimp are particularly high in red pigment, and are abundant in many lakes in this area, as well as, our feed contains a certified organic naturally-sourced pigment, which produces an appealing red flesh.
NO. Good husbandry practices promote good, healthy fish. As a result, we have never used antibiotics or hormones of any kind.
Yes. We are government-tested twice per year, and have been a Certified Disease-Free facility, without interruption, since the certification program started in 1974.
Not true! In the past, this was thought to be the case, when salmon farms were expanding enthusiastically and were less regulated than they are now. That prejudice was extended — inaccurately and unfairly — to trout farms. In fact, a highly regulated certified trout-farm facility, run by responsible and committed operators, where water quality and feeding regimen is closely monitored, ensures a consistently clean flavour, resulting in a superior source of protein: low-fat, high in Omega 3's, delicious and healthy! Support your local trout farmer!
Yes. For live deliveries, call Ted at 1-250-677-4308 to arrange deliveries of live eyed-trout eggs, live fry and fingerlings, and live catchables for pond-stocking. For meat-fish deliveries (flash-frozen, smoked-frozen, and foil pouches of smoked trout) to restaurants, fruit stands, seniors residences, and retail outlets, call Maureen at 1-250-677-4308.