» BC Live Trout & Egg Sales

From spring (May/June) through to fall each year, Ted sells and delivers Diploid and Triploid live trout to private ponds and lakes around British Columbia. For the most part, permits are required and available online at Front Counter BC, and your live trout-stocking needs can be determined with help from Ted or Maureen over the phone. Sizes are generally hatchery yearlings to over 5 lbs each. Delivery costs are extra, and determined individually on the location of your pond. Call Ted or Maureen at 250-677-4308.

TYPES OF STOCKABLE TROUT  (prices vary, depending on size and volume)
Delivery available.
• Eyed Rainbow Trout eggs
• Fingerlings: 2–6 inches
• Catchables: 8 inches to 8 lbs

Eyed Rainbow Trout Eggs
Diploid/Natural Trout and Triploid – please call Ted or Maureen at 250-677-4308 for pricing of eyed eggs.

Hatchery Yearlings 3-4 inch $1.00 each
Diploid/Natural Trout 6 inch $1.50 each
8 inch $2.50 each
10 inch $3.50 each
12 inch $5.00 each
16 inch $10.00 each
Hatchery Yearlings 3-4 inch $1.20 each
Triploid Sterilized Trout 6 inch $1.80 each
8 inch $3.00 each